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The Bums Program

Grow your glutes and sculpt the backside you’ve always wanted.

What's included?

The Bums Program includes:

  • 45 minute training sessions

  • Target gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus

  • Supplementary lifestyle guidance to support you throughout the program

What will you achieve?

The main goal of this program is to build muscle in the all areas of the glutes, achieving a nice shape and powerful butt.

About the program

The glutes are the large muscles in the buttocks and they play a very important role in everyday movement. Strengthening them will improve their shape, add a stronger core and prevent common injuries. Training your glutes is crucial as it supports your upper body and it connects your lower body. From daily movements like walking, standing up from a chair, picking something up off the ground to sporting motions like running, jumping or carrying out an endurance effort, your glutes are well suited to handle every task.

We customise the right exercise plan to help you achieve the ideal bums shape. For the best results, let’s set your goals together and make the commitment.

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