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About Grace Fitness

Want to get in shape and feel amazing? We can help. Grace Fitness focuses on training for women specialising in bums, tums and legs. 

Customising to your needs, Grace Fitness is all about helping you get the results you want. We can help with losing weight, toning up or building strength in a safe and fun environment. Our programs are goal-orientated and take a holistic approach to fitness and health. We also offer group classes which are tailored for a specific group goal, and/or for individual goals within the group setting. Let us get you feeling confident in your own body again!

Choose between our curated programs or opt for a custom program which we can design together to fit your specific goals and needs.

1. Get to know each other

We'll have an initial catch up to make sure our programmes are appropriate for you.

2. How fit are you right now?

We will assess your fitness levels and discuss any injuries/limitations.

3. Work out why, don’t just work out

Discuss goal clarity, set expectations and create a blueprint for your desired results.

4. Are you ready?Let's Start!

Get your sweat on, get in shape and make the commitment to transform your mind and body.

Start your journey

Commonly Asked Questions

What if I'm not fit?

It's never too late to start! Our training sessions focus on listening to your body and doing what feels right for you while pushing you to your limits safely.

What is included in your programs?

Each program is tailored to your individual needs, goals and abilities. Feel free to reach out to get your own custom program.

Where will we train?

We offer flexible locations whether it is in person or online. In-person sessions are available in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and North Shore.

How quickly will I see the results of my training?

You can expect to feel the results of your training sooner than you see them. The more consistent you are with your workouts, the sooner you will see results.


Female Personal Trainer in Sydney.

Who is Grace Tan?

When I was younger, I often viewed life as a multiple choice quiz, with a need to constantly pick an answer.

I have become passionate about fitness and wellbeing as it has assisted me in multiple facets of my life. My Goal is to empower women to become the best version of themselves both mentally and physically which I believe is the recipe for a healthy life.

Meet Grace

I choose to become who I want to be.

I’ve faced many hardships in my life including an ended marriage and losing my property. The devastation, disappointment and hopelessness I felt translated to an unhealthy mindset and overall wellbeing. I couldn’t sleep, eat or find anything fulfilling in life and began to doubt myself and lose confidence. 

The road to recovery started when I made the decision to work on my fitness and I immediately saw changes, not only physically, but mentally. My sleep improved, felt more energized and obtained a more positive mindset which improved my confidence.

I choose fitness.

Joining the gym is the best choice I made in my life, it completely changed me. When I start exercising at the beginning,  my mental state improved, slowly I could sleep at night, slowly I can see the change of my body. I started to feel good about myself, energised and positive. I felt peaceful inside, it is an incredible feeling, I felt my second life just begin!

Lets begin the new journey together.
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