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The Legs Program

Ready to build lean, strong legs? It’s time to get them sculpted.

What's included?

The Legs Program includes:

  • 45 minute training sessions

  • Target four main muscle groups quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves

  • Supplementary lifestyle guidance to support you throughout the program

What will you achieve?

The primary objective of this program is to help women increase their leg strength and muscle endurance. You may improve how well you do exercises that require sprinting, jumping, twisting, or kicking by growing muscles in your lower body.

About the program

There are more benefits to toned legs than meets the eye as a strong lower body is better able to support your upper body. Many glute exercise are compound exercise, meaning it will work your other muscle groups such as your legs. Giving your legs attention will really pay off as walking up stairs, carrying groceries, or moving furniture will all be easier when you have strong legs.

Without the proper leg strength and technique, lifting heavy objects can lead to the engagement of your other muscles such as your back to compensate which can lead to injury. A popular leg exercise is the squat, which not only builds core and lower back strength, but also increase your hip mobility. If you are ready to transform your lower body and achieve amazing, sexy legs, then what are you waiting for. Your legs, glutes and body are ready for a transformation!

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