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Reuben (Sydney CBD)

"Grace Tan conducted a Group Training session with me and a small group. She focused on glutes, abs and legs. After completing a health survey, she commenced her training which was tailored to our specific needs and targeted the above mentioned areas. Needles to say the session was a success as all 3 of the muscles trained above were sore from the next day onward! I would recommend the Group Training services of Grace Fitness to any of my colleagues, friends and family as I have confidence that she is very knowledgeable in her craft and conducts herself in a professional, friendly and courteous manner."

Gina (North Sydney)

"My personal training session held by Grace Tan focused on areas including abs, glutes and legs. This session was very successful in working all three muscles and will definitely be used in my future workouts. She guided me through every exercise; demonstrating her informed skills and professionalism towards personal training. Grace’s positive attitude and motivation makes me strongly recommend her to others."

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