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My Top 3 Bum Exercises


Grace Tan

I share three of my favourite bum exercises. I'm in awe of how effective they are!

These are my 3 all-time favourite glute exercises to get that shapely bum. Genetics play a large role in the appearance of our glutes. As an Asian girl, I lacked the genetics for a naturally shaped bum and was always envious of others who had a beautifully shaped body and glutes. I started experimenting with different exercises to train the appropriate muscles in order to achieve the glutes and body shape of my dreams… and it worked! Let me share with you my top 3 all-time favourite glute exercises that have helped me get there.

The bum is responsible for so much more than just looking good in your bikini. You can actually strengthen the glutes with specific exercises that target each individual muscle, and improve athletic performance. Here are my top 3 bum exercises, or glute workouts, to get you started on building a better butt!

1. Fire Hydrants

I have a soft spot for Fire Hydrants because they are fun and help you to sculpt your glutes! You don't need a lot of space or equipment - just a floor, some room to move around, and a great attitude. Fire hydrants are a type of bodyweight exercise that mainly works the gluteus maximus. This workout can improve back pain, and lower the risk for injury.

Fire Hydrant Exercise
Fire Hydrant Exercise

2. Hip Thrust

If you want to build a firm, round butt then you need to do hip thrusts! The hip thrust is an exercise used primarily to target the glutes and is great for building beautiful round strong bums. The hip thrust has grown in popularity due to the increased understanding of how strong glutes carry over to pretty much every aspect of life. It is a highly effective glute builder, and is a staple move in every workout program.

Banded Hip Thrust Exercise
Banded Hip Thrust Exercise

3. Romanian Deadlift

Romanian deadlifts are a great exercise for targeting your hamstrings, glutes and erector spinae. The ‘pulling’ movement that is required is great for challenging your glutes and helping to build strength and power, promoting muscular growth. If you struggle with activating your glutes during a regular deadlift, Romanian deadlifts are a great way to help. Ready to make it more challenging? Try the single-leg Romanian deadlift and challenge your stability and glutes.

Romanian Deadlift Exercise
Romanian Deadlift Exercise

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